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Just around the corner from our first restaurant, Honey & Smoke is a dream come true for us – a big, buzzy grill house with room enough for whoever wants to eat with us. We serve our favourite middle eastern grills there, lamb kofta and chops, whole fish and slow cooked octopus, charred cauliflower and celeriac, figs and peaches in season, tahini & falafel all year round, cocktails & slushies, all served by Camille & Rachael in their own unique style.

Honey & Smoke
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216 Great Portland St, London W1W 5QW
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Tel. 0207 388 6175


Opening Times
Monday-Friday: 12pm-10.30pm
Saturdays: 9.30am-10.30pm
Closed Sundays





The first restaurant venture, the diminutive Honey & Co in Warren Street, always packed like bees in a hive, led to much-lauded cookery books and Honey & Spice, a patisserie and delicatessen in the same street. All the while the scent of food grilled over coals was beckoning them like the Bisto Kids — to whom they bear a weird sort of resemblance — to create an establishment reminiscent of the flavours of grill houses in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Acre and Istanbul or just roadside braziers tended by small boys.

Fay Maschler for Evening Standard

Dinner at Honey & Smoke was a blast of Jerusalem-to-Istanbul-by-way-of-Casablanca tastes, ancient ingredients toasted, blended and grilled to sublimity. And not a fez or felucca in sight

John Walsh for The Sunday Times

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