Recorded on Monday evenings at our food store Honey & Spice in front of a small crowd, we – Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich – invite the people we most admire from the food world to come over and chat. Cooks, waiters, writers, drinkers, thinkers: we have a glass of wine, something to eat and they tell us the story of making a life in food. The talks are then released as a podcast, a good thing to listen to while you’re cooking your dinner.

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Special: History Cooked with Polly Russell

In May, we collaborated with writer Rosie Sykes and historian Polly Russell to create a special dinner for the opening of the Eat Cambridge Food Festival. The evening included a food history talk by Polly Russell and a delicious feast cooked by Itamar, Sarit and Rosie inspired by an extraordinary royal medieval manuscript.

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Series 5: Honey with Bermondsey Street Bees

Dale and Sarah founded Bermondsey Street Bees, a sustainable beekeeping practice and artisan honey business, in 2007 with just eight hives on the rooftop of their Victorian warehouse on Bermondsey Street in London. Every honey produced by Bermondsey Street Bees is single-source and raw, preserving all of the nutritional benefits.

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Series 5: Coffee with Climpson & Sons

Founded in 2002 in an old butcher’s shop in Hackney from which they take their name, our friends at Climpson & Sons source, roast and craft the finest coffees in London. They have supplied us with the most delicious coffee since the very early days of Honey & Co.

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Series 5: Olive Oil with Mother’s Garden

Martin and Maggie of Mother’s Garden have been farming arbequina olives and living an adventure in the Priorat mountains of Catalonia, south of Barcelona, since January 2001. Their cold-pressed oil is a lively, delicate and fresh olive oil and unlike any other we have tried.