We – Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich – invite the people we most admire from the food world to come over and chat. Cooks, waiters, writers, drinkers, thinkers: we have a glass of wine, something to eat and they tell us the story of making a life in food. The talks are then released as a podcast, a good thing to listen to while you’re cooking your dinner.

Listen out for Season 8, all about our travels around the Levant as part of our research for our new cookbook Chasing Smoke.

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Series 4: Max Halley of Max’s Sandwich Shop

After working in some of London’s best-loved restaurants, Max Halley realised that the sandwich, humanity’s greatest invention, was due a renaissance. In 2015 Max opened Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch End, London. He features creations such as the Ham, Egg ‘N’ Chips: slow-cooked ham hock, fried egg, piccalilli, shoe string fries and malt vinegar mayo.

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Series 4: Anja Dunk

Anja Dunk was born in Wales to a German mother and a Welsh father. Her childhood was spent predominantly in Wales but also in Germany and South East Asia, where she moved to and from over the early years of her life.

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Series 4: Sybil Kapoor

Sybil Kapoor’s new book, Sight Smell Touch Taste Sound, uses cleverly simplified kitchen theory and a selection of tempting recipes to reveal how we can unlock the power of our five senses and take our cooking to the next level. Sybil talked to us about the important differences between: Taste, Flavour (smell), Texture (touch and sound), Temperature (touch) and Appearance.

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Series 4: Russell Norman

Russell has built a life and career out of his love for the north Italian city of Venice. In his latest book he returns to the city to immerse himself in the authentic flavours of the region and the culinary traditions of the city throughout the seasons.