We – Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich – invite the people we most admire from the food world to come over and chat. Cooks, waiters, writers, drinkers, thinkers: we have a glass of wine, something to eat and they tell us the story of making a life in food. The talks are then released as a podcast, a good thing to listen to while you’re cooking your dinner.

Listen out for Season 8, all about our travels around the Levant as part of our research for our new cookbook Chasing Smoke.

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Series 4: Niki Segnit

Niki’s first book The Flavour Thesaurus, published in 2011, examines why one flavour works with another and looks at how to pair your ingredients from traditional combinations such as pork & apple and interesting but unlikely-sounding couples. Niki’s inspiring new book, Lateral Cooking, grew out of the experiments with flavour combinations that went into her bestselling debut.

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Series 4: Anissa Helou

Anissa Helou is a chef, food writer, and journalist with an unparalleled knowledge of the culinary heritage of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and North Africa , author of FEAST: Food of the Islamic World. She talks to us about the major task of covering the entire Islamic World in a cookbook, how she gathered a comprehensive collection of the finest and most flavourful recipes from her time living and travelling widely in the region, and how to eat a camel hump.

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Series 4: Asma Khan

Asma Khan has royal Mughali ancestry and grew up in a palace with 20 cooks. After gaining a PHD, she set up a supper club in her home in Kensington. Lovingly recreating Indian food from family recipes that go back generations, her cooking drew much acclaim and led to a permanent restaurant in central London, Darjeeling Express.

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Series 4: Caroline Eden

Caroline Eden is a writer specialising in the former Soviet Union. Over the past decade she has filed stories from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. She came to talk about her book ‘Black Sea: Dispatches and Recipes – Through Darkness and Light’ is the tale of a journey between three great cities.