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Foodie Talks at Honey & Spice

We have more dates to let you know about in our series of evening foodie events at Honey & Spice, our food store at 52 Warren St.

All tickets cost £20 including wine and a bite to eat made by Sarit & Itamar for everyone to try. Books can be ordered in advance, just let us know if you’d like a copy when you book your tickets and you will get £5 off the price of the hardback books.


Emiko Davies will be joining us at 7pm on Wednesday March 22 for an evening of Tuscan food and conversation. Emiko’s new book, Acquacotta, celebrates the cooking and food culture of the Maremma region of south-west Tuscany, where Emiko and her family spent a summer living in a small fishing village on the Silver coast. Emiko will talk to us about the family recipes, food traditions and food producers that she discovered there, and we will sample some of the hearty rustic dishes the region is renowned for.

Tickets are £20 and include wine and a chance to taste recipes from the book. Send us an email to book your place. You can also pre-order your copy of Acquacotta and get £5 off (usually £25).



Olia Hercules will be here at 7pm on Thursday April 6 to talk about the food of Ukraine (and beyond) – family traditions and food memories explored in her bestselling book Mamushka, a celebration of Eastern European cooking, from green borscht to home-made cheeses to sour cherry pie.

Tickets are £20 and include wine and a taste of some of the recipes from the book, which we’ll be cooking up for you to try.

Send us an email to book your place. You can also pre-order your copy of Mamushka and get £5 off (usually £25).



bee wilsonBee Wilson’s First Bite is a fascinating study of how we learn to eat, and how we come to favour some flavours, smells and textures over others. Taste and preference may be set in childhood but it is possible to explore and embrace new foods, adapt our palates and eat a healthier diet. This evening of conversation will also include the chance to learn whether or not you’re a ‘super-taster’. Join us at 7pm on Wednesday April 19.

Tickets are £20 and include wine and a selection of dishes made by Sarit & Itamar so that everyone can take part in the taste test. Send us an email  to book your place. Pre-order your copy of First Bite in paperback for £6.99 (usually £8.99).


MG_1392-gringa2[1]Gringa Dairy’s owner and cheesemaker Kristen Schnepp will join us at 7pm on Wednesday 17 May to talk about her unique business making Mexican cheeses in a Peckham railway arch. Kristen spotted the growing popularity of Mexican cuisine ­- the style of food which she grew up with in California – and decided to open her own urban dairy to create her version of fresh Mexican cheeses. Kristen will talk to us about the cheese-making process and about the challenges of starting a food business from scratch.

Tickets are £20 and include wine and a taste of some of Kristen’s cheeses, queso Chihuahua, queso Oaxaca and queso fresca, along with some nibbles made by Itamar & Sarit. Send us an email  to book your place.