Honey & Co: The Food Talks


Honey & Co: The Food Talks

For anyone unable to attend our food talks at Honey & Spice, they are now available to subscribe to as a podcast. Held at Honey & Spice in front of a small group of guests, we invite the people we admire from the food world to come over – cooks, waiters, makers, writers, drinkers, thinkers – we have something to eat, a glass of wine and they tell us their story of making a life in food.

The first episode features Bee Wilson who came over to talk to us about how our food habits are created – what makes us like or dislike certain foods, how we use food to set ourselves apart or come together – and most importantly how we control and change habits.

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We have more dates to let you know about in our series of evening food talks. All tickets cost £25 including wine and a bite to eat made by Sarit & Itamar for everyone to try. Signed books can be bought on the night.

Angela Frenda is the food editor of Corriere Della Sera, Italy’s most influential newspaper. Charming, knowledgeable and very funny, Angela is coming to talk to us on Monday August 21 at 7pm about one of our favourite things: Italian food. She will tell us about everything interesting and delicious happening in Italy now, where to go, what to see and most importantly what to eat. We will be cooking glorious Italian food from Angela’s books for everyone to try.

All tickets cost £25 including a drink and a bite to eat and we will have copies of Angela’s books on sale too.  Send us an email to book your place. This talk will be held at Honey & Smoke, 216 Great Portland St, W1W 5QW.


Cook, food historian and broadcaster Dr Annie Gray will join us at 7pm on Tuesday 8th August for a reading and conversation about The Greedy Queen, Eating with Victoria. Queen Victoria was a famously plump monarch during a period of revolution in eating styles in the 19th century, and Annie discusses everything from the Queen’s cosy family dinners, tea parties and elaborate banquets through to the fascinating grocery accounts uncovered in the royal archive.

All tickets cost £25 including a drink and a bite to eat. Signed books will be available to purchase on the evening.  Send us an email to book your place.


Chetna Makan will be joining us at 7pm on Wednesday 26th July for an evening of Indian street food and conversation.

Taking inspiration from the food she has sampled during her travels to the four corners of India – Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai – Chetna’s new book, Chai, Chaat & Chutney, features a beautiful selection of simple recipes from each region to cook at home, such as Stuffed Chillis, Chana Dal Vada with Coconut Chutney from the South or Chole, one of the ultimate curries, from the North. Chetna will talk to us about her time in India and the subtle differences in ingredients and techniques found across the country and we will sample some of the food from the book.

Tickets include wine and food. Send us an email to book your place. We will have copies of Chai, Chaat & Chutney available to purchase on the night. SOLD OUT


It’s great to welcome back Guardian Cook columnist Rachel Roddy who will be joining us at 7pm on Tuesday 18th July.

For the last twelve years Rachel has immersed herself in the culture of Roman cooking, but eventually the chance arose to spend more time at her partner Vincenzo’s old family house in south-east Sicily. Rachel’s new book, Two Kitchens, celebrates the simple family recipes that she cooks in her two distant but connected kitchens, in Rome and Sicily. We will listen to stories of Rachel’s two kitchens and taste some of the delicious recipes from the book which Sarit and Itamar will cook for us.

Tickets and include a glass of wine and food.  SOLD OUT



Previous talks

Laura Jackson & Alice Levine will come to our food shop at 7pm on Wednesday 28th June to talk about their book Round To Ours and share what they learned as supper club hosts about how to create an unfussy, laid back evening with dishes that’ll keep those around your table wanting to come back for more.

Tickets include wine and a taste of some of the recipes from the book, which we’ll be cooking up for you to try.

Listen to this talk on our podcast here.


Allan Jenkins will be joining us at 7pm on Wednesday 7th June for a talk about his memoir Plot 29. A portrait of a childhood spent in and out of children’s homes and his rescue by foster parents, who gave him a life-long love of gardening, Allan later searched for his birth family, for his real name, and for a sense of belonging. The story unfolds around a year on the allotment, which is shared with a different sort of family. We will also talk about Allan’s editorship of Observer Food Monthly, share a glass of wine and have a taste of seasonal vegetables from the plot.

Listen to this talk on our podcast here.


MG_1392-gringa2[1]Gringa Dairy’s owner and cheesemaker Kristen Schnepp will join us at 7pm on Wednesday 17 May to talk about her unique business making Mexican cheeses in a Peckham railway arch. Kristen spotted the growing popularity of Mexican cuisine ­- the style of food which she grew up with in California – and decided to open her own urban dairy to create her version of fresh Mexican cheeses. Kristen will talk to us about the cheese-making process and about the challenges of starting a food business from scratch.

Tickets include wine and a taste of some of Kristen’s cheeses, queso Chihuahua, queso Oaxaca and queso fresca, along with some nibbles made by Itamar & Sarit.   SOLD OUT
Listen to this talk on our podcast here.

bee wilsonBee Wilson’s First Bite is a fascinating study of how we learn to eat, and how we come to favour some flavours, smells and textures over others. Taste and preference may be set in childhood but it is possible to explore and embrace new foods, adapt our palates and eat a healthier diet. This evening of conversation will also include the chance to learn whether or not you’re a ‘super-taster’. Join us at 7pm on Wednesday April 19.

Tickets include wine and a selection of dishes made by Sarit & Itamar so that everyone can take part in the taste test.
Listen to this talk on our podcast here.


Olia Hercules will be here at 7pm on Thursday April 6 to talk about the food of Ukraine (and beyond) – family traditions and food memories explored in her bestselling book Mamushka, a celebration of Eastern European cooking, from green borscht to home-made cheeses to sour cherry pie.

Tickets include wine and a taste of some of the recipes from the book, which we’ll be cooking up for you to try.



Emiko Davies will be joining us at 7pm on Wednesday March 22 for an evening of Tuscan food and conversation. Emiko’s new book, Acquacotta, celebrates the cooking and food culture of the Maremma region of south-west Tuscany, where Emiko and her family spent a summer living in a small fishing village on the Silver coast. Emiko will talk to us about the family recipes, food traditions and food producers that she discovered there, and we will sample some of the hearty rustic dishes the region is renowned for.

Tickets  include a drink and a bite to eat.  SOLD OUT


9780857833273Caroline Eden & Eleanor Ford, authors of Samarkand: Recipes & Stories from Central Asia & The Caucasus  will join us on Thursday 9th Feb at 7pm.

One of the most fascinating cookbooks published in the last few years, Samarkand explores one of the most diverse and interesting food cultures in the world, one little known in Britain. The region is abundant with  produce and the cooking has been influenced by everyone from the Tajiks to Turks to Russians and Koreans, creating a melting pot of distinctive dishes. Caroline and Eleanor will talk to us about their experiences travelling, eating and cooking in the region and we will taste recipes from the book.  SOLD OUT

Earlier in the year we visited beekeepers Dale & Sarah on their rooftop in Bermondsey Street to sample their honey and meet their bees. They make and collect some of the best honey we’ve tried.

Now they’re coming to us! Join us on Thursday 1st December at 7pm. We will have a chat and taste some of the honey they produce and some of their favourites from their beekeeping friends around England.

Tickets  include a drink and a bite to eat. SOLD OUT


On Thursday 10th November at 7pm Guardian columnist Rachel Roddy will join us from Italy for the first in our new series of Food Talks at Honey & Spice.

An English woman in Rome, Rachel will chat with us about her gorgeous new cookbook Five Quarters and we will try a few of the recipes from the book. Signed copies will be available to buy on the night.

Tickets  include a drink and a bite to eat. SOLD OUT